English Gosforth Academy

Heroes – Lesson 7

Thurs 25th Sept: Heroes Lesson 7

Poster Analysis

• Saying that you will earn glory
• Whips up patriotism

• Shames you if you’re not a ‘war hero’

• Makes it seem like everyone is doing it

• Bright, bold fonts and colours – makes it seem like more of a game than a war

• Use of exclamation marks and fun language

Persuasive Phrases

• “Freedom: freedom to think, to speak, to rise, live and plan with one’s fellow man”

• “Vast resources”

• “Feet intent of training, on growing fit for whatever desting holds ahead”

• “Heroes, everyone. Heroes by the million.”

• “No problem that may arise will leave these men wanting”

Extension: How do both the images and the music reinforce the message of the propaganda?

There is upbeat, patriotic music and of the images depict men who are well trained and having fun, when in fact conditions were nothing like that.

War Poster

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